Spanish Dictionary

Translation of correa

la correa     the belt    
la correa     the leash    ; the strap    ; the thong    

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Sample sentences:
Su cachorro quería correr pero ella lo mantuvo a su lado con la correa.

Her puppy wanted to run but she kept it next to her with the leash.

On one hand I detest the topics that the media chooses on the news, for example the coverage of the entire trial of O.J. Simpson. But not only this trial, also other completely unimportant events.
I still needed to get to the traveler's agent nearby to book my flight back to Cancun. I gave myself two more days to stay in the region, as I wanted to make sure that the hurricane was over.
We entered the vessel from behind and went to take a shower. I remembered why I am not a big supporter of long boat rides: One every room and facility is small and second you move all the time.
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