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Translation of cuerno

el cuerno     the horn    

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Sample sentences:
Los unicornios son animales míticos y son caballos con un cuerno en medio de la frente.

Unicorns are mythical animals and are horses with a horn in the middle of the forehead.
Ese carnero con los cuernos largos es el más grande del rebaño. That ram with long horns is the biggest of the flock.

Think always positively. There will be very hard times where even the ones who are supposed to be the closest will say things that will disappoint you the most. Listen to them but with caution.
On Friday we are flying to Switzerland and then on Monday we will continue to Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I am very excited. Maybe this is going to be a great experience again.
By the way, Jeffrey and Brooke got married before the trip and this vacation was their honey moon. On the deck Jeffrey suddenly noticed that he had lost his wedding ring. It was probably in the bag.
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