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Translation of desafío

el desafío     the challenge    

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Sample sentences:
Ella utiliza su timidez como un escudo contra los nuevos desafíos.

She uses her shyness as a shield against new challenges.
desafío challenge

I will usually use the most usual sense of the term, and not the more sophisticated ones and I think you will understand what I wanted to say. In any case we should review all words every two days or so.
There are changes in regulations for people who wish to travel to Eastern Europe. This is advantageous. In the U.S., as in every country in the world, there are positive and negative changes.
I am glad you know, I have learned Czech and my English is also not that bad, but we could speak in German. I got your message and I want to apologize again. Next time I will do it more accurate.
Most common translations: delimitar    debajo de    curandero    cuadrilla    costura    corbata    contentar    conjunción    concluir    compactar   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of challenge   [ challenged, challenged ]