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Translation of desanimar

desanimar     to dishearten    
desanimar     to discourage    

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Sample sentences:
Está desanimado y no quiere hablar con nadie.

He is glum and doesn't want to talk to anyone.

I congratulate you on your move to become a private Spanish teacher. People need to believe in you and the most important thing is that you need to believe in yourself. It won't be easy at the beginning.
Let me talk about nicer things in this email. In the last mail we spoke about the poems that we have read in our last spring break. We are not of the kind who love partying all night. We came to relax.
We checked in at the huge Hotelasia, close to the Sony center, a large shopping mall, where we planned another shopping spree in the coming two days. We had disgusting dinner at a boring pizza place.
Most common translations: demanda    debutante    curso    cualquiera    cotorra    cordial    continente    conmutar    concursante    compartimiento   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of desanimar
desanimo  desanimas  desanima  desanimamos  desanimáis  desaniman  desanimaba  desanimabas  desanimaba  desanimábamos  desanimabais  desanimaban  desanimé  desanimaste  desanimó  desanimamos  desanimasteis  desanimaron  desanimaré  desanimarás  desanimará  desanimaremos  desanimaréis  desanimarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of discourage   [ discouraged, discouraged ]
Conjugation of dishearten   [ disheartened, disheartened ]