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Translation of desigualdad

la desigualdad     the inequality    

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Sample sentences:
Ellos trataron de luchar contra la desigualdad social dándoles dinero a los pobres.

They tried to fight social inequality by giving money to the poor.

It turned out that they did not have a license to house foreigners but I was too tired and besides, where else would I go. Furthermore they insisted that I should not bring prostitutes to their home.
We are back in South Carolina for Christmas. We are staying at the Hilton near the Corner. As you said, great location! Our trip included LA, California and the coast of Oregon (which was spectacular).
We entered the vessel from behind and went to take a shower. I remembered why I am not a big supporter of long boat rides: One every room and facility is small and second you move all the time.
Most common translations: descarriar    dentado    declarar    célebre    cucharadita    cresta    corrector    contratista    considerable    conejito