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Translation of desmayo

el desmayo     the faint    

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Anyway, after an hour or so, I decided to head back to the host family as we agreed that I would return for dinner. I took one of these little yellow scooter taxis that were present all over Cuba.
I therefore created our pages so that the user can view several demos and click the Conjugate button in the Verb demo which will redirect him to the verb conjugation page of specific tenses.
The ice blocks that usually break off during the summer started already to break off in spring due to the Global warming. The glaciers in general were loosing volume as we were told and as we could see.
Most common translations: descontaminar    depositario    defender    cósmico    cueva    criticar    cortado    conversación    constituir    configuración   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of faint   [ fainted, fainted ]