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Translation of destinado

destinado  doomed     

Pronunciation of destinado

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Sample sentences:
Estos cerdos están destinados a convertirse en salchichas.

These hogs are destined to be converted into sausages.

In life you have to decide what is best for you. Each time I go to a new place I ask myself whether I could live in such a place. But once I return home, I know that I made the right decision by staying in Norway.
The last sentence is the hardest in the entire series. Writing may bore some people, but it is considered the best training in language learning. It is a skill that can lift you from intermediate to advanced level. Do not neglect it.
Have you ever visited the U.S. before and if so, where have you been in the U.S.? I've been travelling in California, it was very amazing. We have traveled by car. Here are my corrections.
Most common translations: desidia    descarado    denominar    decisivo    cáscara    cubículo    crepé    correa    contraste    conservador