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Translation of digno

digno     dignified    
digno     worthy    

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Sample sentences:
Él es digno de alabanza.

He is worthy of praise.
digno de confianza trustworthy

The citizens actually welcomed the shrinking of the population because they thought that the fewer people there are the more place and wealth the rest could share as more resources are available.
When I finally arrived at my destination I still had the task of finding an accommodation. As my acquaintances where with me we started looking together, however we discovered that we were not on the same budget.
Fortunately the bay we anchored was very calm and the ship did not move at all, or at least one could not feel it. We prepared for dinner and went to the deck, where everybody else was sitting.
Most common translations: detallar    desmañado    descontar    depravar    defenderse    cúbico    cuidado    croar    cortador    conversador