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Translation of ecosistema

el ecosistema     the ecosystem    

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Sample sentences:
El río Amazonas tiene su propio ecosistema que debe ser preservado.

The river Amazonas has its own ecosystem that should be preserved.

Think always positively. There will be very hard times where even the ones who are supposed to be the closest will say things that will disappoint you the most. Listen to them but with caution.
She insisted that there should be an actual step, where the man proposes friendship to the woman, at a nice dinner or giving her a gift or flowers or going down on his knees. Cultural differences.
The ferry took me to the island. Sitting next to me there was a local guy with two packs of beer, and he seemed pretty drunk for this hour of the day. He offered me some beer and I was polite.
Most common translations: doncella    disoluto    diferenciar    destructivo    desinterés    descolgar    departamento    decoro    cóctel    cuenco