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Translation of embarcar

embarcar     to embark    

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Sample sentences:
Se han embarcado en una nueva aventura empresarial.

They have embarked on a new business venture.
Se embarcaron en un clíper. They sailed on a clipper.

I think we will start Spanish-English and then German-Spanish. Were my explanations clear that when the correct word appeared in the alternative suggestions one needs just to press skip? I think it is normal.
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My problem never was the writing part, but I did not have the courage to speak. When I did not get further, I had to use my hands and feet to communicate, which always seems a little stupid.
Most common translations: editar    dorsal    disponibilidad    digerir    desviación    deslucir    descongelar    deporte    deducible    cómputo   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of embarcar
embarco  embarcas  embarca  embarcamos  embarcáis  embarcan  embarcaba  embarcabas  embarcaba  embarcábamos  embarcabais  embarcaban  embarqué  embarcaste  embarcó  embarcamos  embarcasteis  embarcaron  embarcaré  embarcarás  embarcará  embarcaremos  embarcaréis  embarcarán