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Translation of encontrarse

encontrarse      to meet     

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Sample sentences:
Su destino era encontrarse.

It was their fate to meet each other.
Dio un rodeo para no encontrarse con ella. He made a detour in his way in order not to meet her.
encontrarse zich voelen
encontrarse to be found
encontrarse to feel

The image seems so peaceful, calm and untouched. On the contrary, the topic is about death, brutality and the confrontation (the fight) between strong and week, between the spide and the moth.
Once they see a foreign person, their primitive thoughts come up and they start to hate and dislike without any actual reason. Whose fault is this hate? Is the fault of the ones who are afraid.
We considered staying a little longer in this region but the weather forecast foresaw heavy winds and lots of rain. We therefore decided to move on to our next destination which was the Peninsula Valdes.
Most common translations: empapar    elaborar    dulzura    divorcio    directorio    diabólico    despiadado    desenredar    desafortunado    delicioso   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of encontrarse
[me encontrado]
me encuentro  te encuentras  se encuentra  nos encontramos  os encontráis  se encuentran  me encontraba  te encontrabas  se encontraba  nos encontrábamos  os encontrabais  se encontraban  me encontré  te encontraste  se encontró  nos encontramos  os encontrasteis  se encontraron  me encontraré  te encontrarás  se encontrará  nos encontraremos  os encontraréis  se encontrarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of meet   [ met, met ]