Spanish Dictionary

Translation of endoso

el endoso     the endorsement    

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Sample sentences:
Este cheque no tiene el endoso correspondiente.

This check lacks the corresponding endorsement.

Are you a man or a woman? You have no picture in your profile, and I do not know whether the user name loli2938 belongs to a man or a woman, but actually it does not matter to me. I am here for the Spanish.
My mother tongue is Spanish. For one year I lived in Spain. I'm from Huston, Texas, USA, originally. I want to study Spanish literature next year. I have already been to my professor to discuss it.
My Spanish is weak, and I need to improve it here. But it is very difficult because I have many other things to do. I must take care of my family and my friends and have no time for Spanish.
Most common translations: emperador    elefante    dureza    doceavo    discreción    diariamente    despreciable    desfilar    desarmador    demencia