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Translation of enhorabuena

la enhorabuena     the congratulations    

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Sample sentences:
Enhorabuena, usted ha sido promovido.

Congratulations, you have been promoted.
enhorabuena congratulations

What do we do about the numbers? I skipped them because I wasn't sure. Because it is possible that somebody wants to know how to say 15 in Spanish. He should write out the word as 'fifteen', not as digits.
Coniralu is the fifth school, for which I work as an agent in Europe (currently 3 of them actively). For all other schools I have found many students. The earliest connections came after 4-5 weeks.
Actually, the East Coast is six hours behind CET, that means that I would speak on midnight at your 6 o'clock dinner. We should try written exercise first because of the huge time difference.
Most common translations: encadenar    emborrachar    efectivamente    dracma    distante    diligencia    detectar    desmovilización    descortés    depresión