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Translation of escayola

la escayola     the plaster    

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It turned out that they did not have a license to house foreigners but I was too tired and besides, where else would I go. Furthermore they insisted that I should not bring prostitutes to their home.
But I guess that most children are that way. Maybe there are a few children that really want to be educated, but I think that these children grow up to fast. They need to enjoy their childhood.
The express ferry took us to Macau, a Portuguese colony near the Chinese Guangdong province. Although the distance is not short the express ferry gets there in one hour and is totally modern and reliable.
Most common translations: entusiasta    engreimiento    enamorado    embarcarse    editor    dorso    disponible    digestión    desviado    deslumbrar   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of plaster   [ plastered, plastered ]