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Translation of plaster in Spanish

to plaster     enyesar    
the plaster     el yeso    ; la escayola    

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Sample sentences:
His leg is in a cast because he broke it as he stumbled while he ran.

Su pierna está enyesada porque se la rompió al tropezar mientras corría.
band aid/ plaster tirita

The entrance hall where the passports were checked was renovated and had many ads for products from Western countries. Once we passed it and picked up our luggage we were looking for a ride into the city.
Well I take Spanish classes in college, that's the only useful language they offer, but if they had French I would be taking French. It sounds so nice. I have been lazy lately and I'm not really good at it.
The next two hours we were busy with moving our stuff to our new place and organizing our trip to Machu Picchu for the next day.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of plaster   [ plastered, plastered ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enyesar
enyeso  enyesas  enyesa  enyesamos  enyesáis  enyesan  enyesaba  enyesabas  enyesaba  enyesábamos  enyesabais  enyesaban  enyesé  enyesaste  enyesó  enyesamos  enyesasteis  enyesaron  enyesaré  enyesarás  enyesará  enyesaremos  enyesaréis  enyesarán