Spanish Dictionary

Translation of recorder in Spanish

the recorder     la grabadora    
the recorder     el registrador    

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Sample sentences:
The journalist turned on the recorder to record what the veteran politician had to say on the issue.

El periodista encendió la grabadora para grabar lo que el veterano político tenía que decir sobre el tema.

On the drive into the city center we were a little shocked by the amount of motorcycles, by the pollution and stress in that city. After only two days in a small village we forgot how it was.
He picked us up and we started by visiting the floating village, an hour away from the city. We went on a boat which took us to the floating village, were Vietnamese refugees would live on boat houses.
While waiting for the counter to open, my wife developed a stomach ache. The plane took of at around 4 or 5 pm and landed around 2 hours later at the airport of Santiago de Chile. It was already dark.
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