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Translation of spin in Spanish

to spin     hilar    

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Sample sentences:
The first automobiles had a crank that had to be spun to start the engine.

Los primeros automóviles tenían una manivela que había que girar para arrancar el motor.

We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
Next week I will go with my girlfriend to our local market. There is a nice party there, similar to the "Oktoberfest" in Munich. There you can have party and we want to drink some beer and dance on the tables.
We were a little sad that we had to leave Peru so soon, but we had to take the 7.30 bus which would take us to the Chilean border. Chile and Argentina were still the main destinations of our trip.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of spin   [ span, spun ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of hilar
hilo  hilas  hila  hilamos  hiláis  hilan  hilaba  hilabas  hilaba  hilábamos  hilabais  hilaban  hilé  hilaste  hiló  hilamos  hilasteis  hilaron  hilaré  hilarás  hilará  hilaremos  hilaréis  hilarán