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Translation of esmaltar

esmaltar     to enamel    

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Sample sentences:
Uno de los usos de la acetona es como solvente del esmalte de uñas.

One of the uses of acetone is as a nail-polish solvent.

The entrance hall had a design of the seventies which I found charming. An older man came towards me an asked me whether I needed a ride. I agreed and we drove to downtown of Havana, capital of Cuba.
They wanted to know everything about relationships in Switzerland. One of the asked me of how guys propose friendships to girls. I did not know what she meant and explained that we were very informal.
I spoke to my sister's friend and she told me I could stay at her place whenever I wanted. I then played Galaga on one of the computer machines and advanced to a very high level of the game.
Most common translations: escalope    entrada    enfermería    empresario    elocuente    dólar    domar    diseño    diecisiete    destilar   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of esmaltar
esmalto  esmaltas  esmalta  esmaltamos  esmaltáis  esmaltan  esmaltaba  esmaltabas  esmaltaba  esmaltábamos  esmaltabais  esmaltaban  esmalté  esmaltaste  esmaltó  esmaltamos  esmaltasteis  esmaltaron  esmaltaré  esmaltarás  esmaltará  esmaltaremos  esmaltaréis  esmaltarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of enamel   [ enameled, enameled ]