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Translation of establecimiento

el establecimiento     the establishment    

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Sample sentences:
Este establecimiento siempre contrata trabajadores para la cosecha.

This establishment always hires workers for the harvest.

The image seems so peaceful, calm and untouched. On the contrary, the topic is about death, brutality and the confrontation (the fight) between strong and week, between the spide and the moth.
The sky was dark blue and this is what my sister had told me many years ago when she was there. One of the reasons for that was the altitude of the city, I recall to be it above 2000 meters.
What time zone are you in or where are you located (city, state, country)? The time and date that you gave is according to your time zone, I guess. But I need to compare it in our log files.
Most common translations: espantar    escaparse    entretanto    enfurruñarse    en el extranjero    embalaje    economía    donante    disociar    diferenciación