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Translation of estratagema

la estratagema     the ploy    

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Sample sentences:
Toda esa movida es sólo una estratagema de marketing.

The entire move is just a marketing ploy.

Vivi, Sabina and I wanted to thank you very much for Sabina's gift! Thank you for the cool outfits that she is now wearing, all little boys are waiting in line lately. I wish you much happiness.
I think I have told you that I won't charge you for this kind of help. I looked at the sentences and I found them a little too long. They were good, but I understand why it took you so long and I think the point is too keep the shorter.
Write me back please. I am learning Spanish at a language school for about 5 years. I'm studying architecture. I like your picture very much. We say in German 'huebsch', and not 'schoen'?
Most common translations: esquema    esgrima    escaldar    entero    enfardar    empollón    elipse    déficit    dogmático    disecar