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Translation of evidente

evidente      obvious     
evidente     obvious    ; evident    

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Sample sentences:
Esto es tan evidente que no necesita explicación.

This is so obvious that it does not need an explanation.

Hans was not in the office for 4 days. I informed him that it is urgent and asked him to send it by tomorrow morning. I'll do my best that you receive it as early as possible. Trust me on that.
It is a thought that someone may have if he does not know anything about another group of individuals. He hears many stereotypes and blindly creates his own images in which he strongly believes.
Unfortunately, the boat's maneuvering system broke down and we were told that we could not take it. We were furious, but decided to make the best out of the situation. The offered to take the Red Dragon instead.
Most common translations: estiércol    esposar    escurrir    errar    enseñar    endeble    empedernir    electrón    durante    doble