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Translation of expirar

expirar     to die    ; to expire    

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Sample sentences:
Este medicamento expiró hace dos meses.

This medicine expired two months ago.

We do not see the spider eating the moth, we only see a yellow spider sitting on a red flower holding a brown moth. But we know what will occur: There will be a cruel and nasty act of the nature.
The film used (positive) is much more accurate in terms of color and pixels. It has a much higher range of colors, but the difficulty is that it is very sensitive and that is has a lot of contrast.
If the issue reoccurs let me know immediately, as it is not acceptable for us! I will look into the network files. Dan, it is great that you put so much effort in helping us. It keeps us going.
Most common translations: evacuar    estetoscopio    espiral    escuadrón    equivocado    enriquecimiento    encolar    empanadilla    el    dulcería   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of expirar
expiro  expiras  expira  expiramos  expiráis  expiran  expiraba  expirabas  expiraba  expirábamos  expirabais  expiraban  expiré  expiraste  expiró  expiramos  expirasteis  expiraron  expiraré  expirarás  expirará  expiraremos  expiraréis  expirarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of die   [ died, died ]
Conjugation of expire   [ expired, expired ]