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Translation of expire in Spanish

to expire     expirar    ; vencer    

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Sample sentences:
This medicine expired two months ago.

Este medicamento expiró hace dos meses.

We wanted to take a hot shower but there was no hot water at all. We asked someone to fix it and he showed us that there was a heating switch outside the bathroom which would turn on the boiler.
How much Spanish do you know ? My summer vacations were great. I was two weeks in Ibiza, it was unbelievable! We went to the beach and had a lot of party, every night. Now I am back in my little village near Bochum.
As my wife is a travel agent, and knows that in certain cases people do not show up, we decided to take a taxi to the airport nonetheless. It was actually not far from the border, about 5 kilometers away.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of expire   [ expired, expired ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of expirar
expiro  expiras  expira  expiramos  expiráis  expiran  expiraba  expirabas  expiraba  expirábamos  expirabais  expiraban  expiré  expiraste  expiró  expiramos  expirasteis  expiraron  expiraré  expirarás  expirará  expiraremos  expiraréis  expirarán 
Conjugation of vencer
venzo  vences  vence  vencemos  vencéis  vencen  vencía  vencías  vencía  vencíamos  vencíais  vencían  vencí  venciste  venció  vencimos  vencisteis  vencieron  venceré  vencerás  vencerá  venceremos  venceréis  vencerán