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Translation of nice in Spanish

nice     gentil    ; majo    ; simpático    

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Sample sentences:
It's so nice to talk to him; he is such an upbeat person.

Es muy agradable hablar con él, es una persona muy optimista.
Skunks look nice but smell horrible. Las mofetas se ven bien, pero huelen horrible.
Rosemary has a very nice fragrance. El romero tiene una fragancia muy rica.
nice; likeable; pleasant simpático(a)(1)
The weather is nice. Hace bien tiempo.
nice; nett simpático(1)
nice (lazy/easy) tranquilo
cute/nice lindo / linda
nice la sobrina
nice amable

However I must say that if one is not very interested in archaeology or in architecture a two days visit would be enough. Unfortunately we had only one more day in this beautiful country.
Yes I do live in the United States of America. Thanks for contacting me! I am okay with my Spanish, but when creating sentences I'm terrible at using the right form of the la, el, un y una.
We stood there in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere not exactly knowing what to do next and where we arrived. We had to look for a place to sleep. The village did not have any paved streets.
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