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Translation of funcionar in Spanish-English

funcionar      to function     
funcionar     to work    ; to function    

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Sample sentences:
Tiene una secretaria muy diligente que puede hacer funcionar la oficina casi por sí sola.

He has a very diligent secretary that can run the office almost by herself.
Este micrófono no funciona, necesitamos uno nuevo para la presentación. This microphone is not working; we need a new one for the presentation.
El propulsor del barco no está funcionando bien. The propeller of the boat is not working well.
llevarse bien; funcionar to get along
funcionar to work (function)

On the contrary, Swiss like to isolate themselves from the rest, maybe because the believe that they are superior or better, or maybe because they are just afraid of the unknown, change is not happening.
Whatever you decide is fine for me. We arrived in the USA. I remember you telling me that you are working with Holiday Inn. Is there any way that we could get the discount price directly from the hotel?
Anyway, on our last day in Sapa, we hired a taxi driver, payed him twenty dollars and asked him to drive us around for a few hours. We had the Tram Ton pass in mind which separated two climate regions.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of funcionar
funciono  funcionas  funciona  funcionamos  funcionáis  funcionan  funcionaba  funcionabas  funcionaba  funcionábamos  funcionabais  funcionaban  funcioné  funcionaste  funcionó  funcionamos  funcionasteis  funcionaron  funcionaré  funcionarás  funcionará  funcionaremos  funcionaréis  funcionarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of function   [ functioned, functioned ]
Conjugation of work   [ worked, worked ]