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Translation of Anhänger

der Anhänger the follower    ; the fan    ; the trailer    

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Sample sentences:
Die offensichtliche Unsicherheit seiner Anhänger ließ den Kandidaten noch fragwürdiger erscheinen.

His supporters' obvious insecurity made the candidate look even more dubious.
Die Anhänger dieses seltsamen Kultes dürfen nur in Reimen sprechen. The followers of this strange cult are only allowed to speak in rhymes.
Die Glückseligkeit des Aikido wird von vielen Anhängern der Kunst weltweit geteilt. The felicity of aikido is shared by many of the art's disciples around the world.
der Anhänger the supporter; follower; disciple
Anhänger; Anhängerin follower
der Fan; der/die Anhänger(in) fan

Yesterday, I heard a very good example to explain my point: On their journey more than ten years ago, the presidential couple Mr. and Mrs. Clinton visited Egypt. They were welcomed by the president.
The information we receive by hearing other people's stories, by watching TV (which is not an objective source of information) or by listening to the local radio generates a big responsiveness in us.
We paid for the taxi and waited thirty minutes for the driver to arrive. Again, Argentina reminded me of Italy. We drove into town and were looking for a place. The town made a great first impression.
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