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Translation of antworten

antworten  to answer     
antworten  to respond     
antworten to answer    ; to reply    

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Sample sentences:
Der Prozentsatz positiver Antworten auf diese Frage war überraschend gering.

The percentage of affirmative answers to this question was surprisingly low.
Es gibt keine dummen Fragen - nur wirklich dumme Antworten. There are no stupid questions - only really stupid answers.
Amber antwortet nie auf Emails. Amber never replies to any emails.

They will need to fix their issues. Thank you for the meeting. I will be more than happy to do a small trial in your and in Mike's lab. Let me know when it fits you best. Below my contact details.
I think that subconsciously she means that her pregnancy has become a white eleph. But even though she compares her pregnancy with the large, grey animal a moment later she regrets it and says it.
Fortunately the bay we anchored was very calm and the ship did not move at all, or at least one could not feel it. We prepared for dinner and went to the deck, where everybody else was sitting.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of antworten
antworte  antwortest  antwortet  antworten  antwortet  antworten  antwortete  antwortetest  antwortete  antworteten  antwortetet  antworteten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of answer   [ answered, answered ]
Conjugation of reply   [ replied, replied ]
Conjugation of respond   [ responded, responded ]