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Translation of auswechseln

auswechseln to substitute    

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Sample sentences:
Der Mechaniker sagte, die Nockenwelle müsste ausgewechselt werden.

The mechanic said the camshaft had to be replaced.
ablösen; auswechseln; verdrängen to replace
auswechseln to exchange; replace [parts]

He also told me that he had build his scooter by himself. I could not understand how a doctor was able to build such a machine on his own. It seems that the circumstances made people capable of many things.
The intolerance between them rose. The Dutch population feared assaults by their neighbors and thus kept away from personal contact with anybody who was not Dutch. Clearly this issue disappeared.
The sun rose quickly and my images did not come out too impressive. Nevertheless, it was nice to sit on the boats roof by oneself and enjoy the quietness of the dawn in these calm waters of the Bay.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of auswechseln
wechsle aus  wechselst aus  wechselt aus  wechseln aus  wechselt aus  wechseln aus  wechselte aus  wechseltest aus  wechselte aus  wechselten aus  wechseltet aus  wechselten aus