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Translation of bummeln

bummeln to ramble    

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Sample sentences:
Bei ihrem Besuch von Wien bummelten sie durch die Innenstadt.

At their visit to Vienna, they rambled through the inner city.

It looks like we need to invite Erika again to my home, once the cake is ready. Of course, this should be done before Sunday to stay in the chocolate cake race. We should buy cream too.
He was educated as Roman Catholic, converted to Evangelism after he married her and he raised his son and daughters by the Muslim faith. They develop skills, make you get used to it, and when you are into it, whoosh, they disappear at once.
To me this seems quite nice. I understand everything, write me, either in English, Spanish or German. I'll write again later - now I have to go to my wife, she's been waiting for me outside.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of bummeln
bummle  bummelst  bummelt  bummeln  bummelt  bummeln  bummelte  bummeltest  bummelte  bummelten  bummeltet  bummelten