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Translation of ehren

ehren to dignify    

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Sample sentences:
Das Spital wurde nach dem Spender genannt in Ehren seiner Taten.

The hospital was named after the donor in honor of his deed.
Wir ehrten Pele, indem wir Tiblätter auf der Lava darboten. We paid tribute to Pele offering ti leaves on the lava.
ehren; einlösen to honor
verehren; ehren to venerate
in Ehren halten cherish

Boston is kind of huge neighborhood, generally very friendly people and you may meet many people that you already know. So it is pretty easy to get used to and if you grow up there, you don't wanna leave. If you do, you are going to miss it terribly.
I had a few problems with my Mac. I guess I will have to buy a new one in the near future. I have already found the right product, and I will soon order it from the local hardware dealer.
The first 2 are available for 400 euros. The 2 additional tickets I am offering for 600 euros each. That is: For 2 tickets, it would be 800. For 4 tickets it would be 2000 Euro in total.
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Conjugation of ehren
ehre  ehrst  ehrt  ehren  ehrt  ehren  ehrte  ehrtest  ehrte  ehrten  ehrtet  ehrten