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Translation of entzückt

entzückt delighted    ; enchanted    

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Sample sentences:
Toms Freund brachte ein niedliches kleines Hündchen mit, und Tom war entzückt.

Tom's friend brought a cute little doggie, and Tom was delighted.
entzückt (syn); (hoch)erfreut pleased; pleased
entzückt; (hoch)erfreut delighted; delighted
entzückt, hoch erfreut delighted
begeistert; entzückt delighted
erferut; entzückt delighted
erfreut, entzückt delighted

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I've been working on and off on the dictionary during the entire week, and I'll spend some more hours on it this coming weekend. Sometimes he would get a bit mixed up and use formal Castilian sometimes instead of informal.
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