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Translation of Gipsverband

der Gipsverband the cast    

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Gipsverband cast

Delivery time can be immediate. However, usually the customization process is the bottle neck. Unfortunately learning system systems are NEVER simple shelf products. The X1 and the X2 can come in a lot of configurations.
Completely different education and lifestyle make us incapable of putting ourselves into their situation. Sometimes we regard certain acts or certain laws as barbaric while we ignore the surroundings.
We managed to get a few hours of bad sleep and arrived at the destination called Lao Cai, the capital of the province with the same name. It was only 370km from Hanoi, but the ride lasted nine hours.
Most common translations: Geschäft    Genehmigung    Gegenstand    Gastarbeiter    Fähigkeit    Frikassee    Forelle    Flaschenhals    Festungsgraben    Fehlbesetzung   

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Conjugation of cast   [ cast, cast ]