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Translation of Grünschnabel

der Grünschnabel the greenhorn    

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It was really depressing, it seemed to be like being in the army where you are forced to get up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I do not like the winter in the city as much as I like it in the alps.
Completely different education and lifestyle make us incapable of putting ourselves into their situation. Sometimes we regard certain acts or certain laws as barbaric while we ignore the surroundings.
We returned before dusk, as we were afraid of not finding our ship in the dark. Once on the ship we decided to go for night swimming again in the open ocean. A few women on little boats approached us.
Most common translations: Graffiti    Gladiole    Geschäftsleitung    Genick    Gehaltsliste    Gastronomie    Föderalist    Friseuse    Forscher    Flegel