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Translation of gutschreiben

gutschreiben to credit    ; to accredit    

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anrechnen; gutschreiben; Glauben schenken to credit
etw. gutschreiben credit with sth.

I hope that it is clear. You may need to press the regional button next to each input field. Then the control panel will open, there you must choose a checkbox. The value will be added to the text. The active input field is marked in green.
Then you can add me as a new friend in your Facebook account. I'll confirm it and you can send an email to my new address if it is publicly displayed and available. Or you can send it through SMS.
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Most common translations: gipfeln    geprüft    geduldig    frostig    fleißig    farbig    erträglich    ergreifen    enthaupten    eintönig   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of accredit   [ accredited, accredited ]