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Translation of Habe

die Habe the property    

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Sample sentences:
Ich habe einen schlimmen Fehler gemacht und kann ihn nicht mehr korrigieren.

I made a terrible mistake and cannot correct it anymore.
Ich habe einen ausgezeichneten Vorschlag für Dich. I have an excellent proposal for you.
Ich habe die Zuversicht in meinen Arbeitgeber verloren. I lost the confidence in my employer.
Ich habe Kohldampf!; (E: Ich verhungere!) I'm starving!
Ich habe; Ich habe nicht I've got; I haven't got
Ich habe Zahnschmerzen. I have toothache.
Ich habe Durchfall. I've got diarrhoea.
Kontakte habe to have connections
ich habe geheiratet i was married
ich habe geschlafen I was asleep
ich habe gepackt I have packed
Ich habe genug I've had enough

The human is capable of recognition of the world with its ingredients. Frost presents us with a poem in which everything is white and bright. The picture he gives us seems to be very peaceful.
Let me continue to tell you about my adventures. So, as I have told you in my last writing I returned to the airport and scheduled a new date for my flight. This time I left myself five more days.
The young women rowed towards us and tried to sell food and souvenirs. We were not interested and she tried to block us and prevent us from swimming back to our vessel. So we dove beneath her.
Most common translations: Großhandel    Gnade    Gewissen    Gesamtbetrag    Geldwechsler    Gedicht    Gangster    Furnier    Freikörperkultur    Flugticket