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Translation of heruntergekommen

heruntergekommen sleazy    ; seedy    

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Sample sentences:
Es war ein heruntergekommenes Motel, aber ich brauchte einen Platz zum Übernachten.

It was a sleazy motel, but I needed somewhere to stay.
In der heruntergekommenen Bar schienen ihre intelligenten Augen fehl am Platz. In the seedy bar, her intelligent eyes seemed out of place.

Can we meet on the March 4 or 5 (Tuesday or Wednesday) in Cologne? I am delighted to see you again soon. We are in the beginning of March and we look forward to seeing you next week. Here's a photo.
On the second day we drove around Los Angeles. We were totally jet lagged (and so were our kids) and we decided to take it easy on that day. We went to Rodeo Drive as well as Beverly Hills. Both our children slept during the entire afternoon.
Today it is Sunday and I am very lazy. My daughter is 5 years old and she still needs her mother. So be ready, even if you are outside! I'm a sleepy! Could you do this?
Most common translations: harmonisieren    glücklicherweise    geschockt    geisteskrank    förmlich    forsch    feminin    ethnische Säuberung    ermitteln    entsetzlich