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Translation of hierzu

hierzu hereunto    

Translation by Vocabulix


hierzu for this; on this; to this

I hope that it is clear. You may need to press the regional button next to each input field. Then the control panel will open, there you must choose a checkbox. The value will be added to the text. The active input field is marked in green.
Sorry if I did not write back, I was in Napoli during the holidays, then back at work, once again I have so much to do at the weekend, but I will do my best. Greetings from Italy. Marco.
As a friend and acquaintance I have the honor to forward the information to other members. He will, however, need more support in the first phase, which he will receive for sure. See you later.
Most common translations: heimlich    griesgrämig    gesünder    gemäß    galaktisch    freilich    feuern    extern    erschreckend    erbarmungslos