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Translation of Karl

Karl the Charles    

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Sample sentences:
Wir bauten eine Attrappe, die wie Karl aussah, um die Hunde zu erschrecken.

We built a dummy that looked like Karl to scare the dogs.
Karl der Alchemist hatte es endlich geschafft, Blei in Gold zu verwandeln. Karl the alchemist had finally managed to turn lead into gold.
Der Papagei wiederholte alles, was Karl sagte, einschließlich Schimpfwörtern. The parrot repeated everything Karl said, including swear words.
bist du Karl are you Carl

Well why are you doing that to yourself? That is very hard. You can easily write in another language, if you prefer, because I speak many languages and I can understand many more. I only have problems with writing.
Short question: when searching Spanish numbers, what would you write in Google? In Spanish, of course? In English I would write: 'spanish numbers' and not 'numbers in spanish'. The results are almost the same.
I wish you lots of fun and success in your French class, and a nice weekend with lots of snow. PS: I am so happy I found you, my Italian friend, because we can visit each other all the time now.
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