German Dictionary

Translation of loswerden

loswerden to get rid of; to ditch    ; to ditch something

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Sample sentences:
Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass ich die Schatulle so schnell wie möglich loswerden musste.

Intuition told me to get rid of the casket as quickly as possible.

I would like to know if Jack is interested to join us as well. Shared learning is called Tandem. I'm coming in 2 days to Spain. I will pay for the study costs of my daughter, and I assume all other costs as well.
This afternoon I will fly to Chile. My two brothers and sisters live there. They are also very old and my brother has already died. My parents emigrated 30 years ago, but they wanted to stay.
The people of Majorca are very friendly, helpful and prepared for tourism. The young tourist come here just to party, to meet other people and to have fun on the beach! Just right the right thing for me.
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