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Translation of Mars

der Mars the Mars    

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Sample sentences:
Die Übertragung von Bildern vom Mars war sehr erfolgreich.

The transmission of pictures from Mars has been very successful.
Equator wollte ein Raumschiff haben, um ihren Liebhaber auf dem Mars zu besuchen. Equator wanted a spacecraft to visit her lover on Mars.

Writing autobiography in another language has some advantanges. You do not have to think to much about the story and you can concentrate on the foreign language. Spanish is very suitable for that.
We all know that the consequences are awful. All are struggling, some kill eachother, mostly for really foolish reasons. They are not aware of it. Drugs should never be tolerated in any country.
The same day that I gave my last presentation about our pilot project I flew away. The first lag was NYC's airport John F. Kennedy. I left Europe after midnight and arrived there at five o'clock, more or less.
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