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Translation of natürlich

natürlich  natural     
natürlich naturally    ; of course    

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natürlich; selbstverständlich of course
sicherlich; natürlich sure; surely
natürlich; sicher of course; sure
unverdorben; natürlich unspoiled
natürlich; allerdings of course
natürlich natural; natural(ly)
natürlich of course; naturally
natürlich,sicherlich of course
Natürlich nicht! Of course not!
natürlich nicht of course not
Ja, natürlich. Yes, of course.
natürlich,Natur- natural

Design is a poem in which Robert Frost tries to confront us with the questions of life and nature. The topic is not only about nature but also about the human being and his capability to recognize.
Unfortunately, it is a natural and eternal phenomenon of human beings. Whereever people have been, it appeared too. Please let me define racism in my next email to you and please share also your thoughts.
Luckily the town was small and the hotel manager could call all taxi stations. They checked it through their radios and an hour later the driver was back with our bags. He did not want to be paid extra, but I insisted.
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