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Translation of Satzanfang

der Satzanfang the start of record

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bezüglich (Satzanfang); diesbezüglich (im Satz); in Bezug auf related; concerning this matter; with reference to

There is a small misunderstanding about the homework. I can do them, but they will be too confusing? I am trying to find the article from where I took the sentences in order to ease the task for all students.
Please explain me the exact differences between British and American .... This year I'm trying to make the TOEFL. We can then discuss how we can prepare for this exam. I failed the first time.
Was great to see you again, thank you for the meeting. But I have seen that the 'Unicomercer' in Cairo already had a contact person or a representing company. What should I do? Contact them anyway?
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