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Translation of Schönheit

die Schönheit  the beauty     

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Sample sentences:
Ihre Schönheit vor dem Rendevouz zu intensivieren schien wünschenswert genug.

Enhancing her beauty before the date seemed desirable enough.
Die Diskrepanz zwischen ihrer Werwolferscheinung und ihrer Schönheit als Frau war schockierend. The discrepancy between her werewolf appearance and her beauty as a woman was shocking.
Kiwis sind wunderbar für Gesundheit und Schönheit. Kiwis are great for your health and beauty.
Die Schönheit der Natur The beauty of Nature
die Schönheit; das Aussehen the looks
die Schönheit (the) beauty
schönheit beauty

After a wonderful mountain breakfast with a hot chocolate drink one can enjoy the view by looking outside the window and seeing the white landscape, high mountains and the sun reflected in the white powder.
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I took a shuttle to the ferry station and enjoyed the thirty minute busride. I wrote some SMS to my cousin who stayed on the island two years ago and she informed me about hostels and good places.
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