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Translation of Schulden

schulden  to owe     
die Schulden  the debt     

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Sample sentences:
Nach Einigung mit der Bank haben wir es geschafft, einen Teil der Schulden abzuschreiben.

After conciliation with the bank we managed to have some of the debt written off.
Nach diesem Spiel schuldete er ihm eine Revanche. After this game he owed him a rematch.
Anhäufung von Schulden accumulation of arrears
schulden; schuldig sein; verdanken to owe
die Haftung; die Schulden the liabilities

Exactly on that weekend there was a traditional apple event which is celebrated every year by the people of this small town. Naturally, It was very nice to see it, to see farmers outside of the city.
Mine too... I will be there next week, got tickets for 1/4 and 1/2 finals... Hopp Schwitz!!! Let's go for a drink soon. I want to meet your girlfriend too! I heard that she is wonderful and pretty.
The next day it we had another hike, this time much further away, but luckily downhill. We again walked through various rice fields and rice terraces, along rivers and through hill tribe villages.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schulden
schulde  schuldest  schuldet  schulden  schuldet  schulden  schuldete  schuldetest  schuldete  schuldeten  schuldetet  schuldeten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of owe   [ owed, owed ]