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Translation of Stunde

die Stunde  the hour     
die Stunde the hour    ; the lesson    

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Sample sentences:
Die Auseinandersetzung innerhalb der nächsten zwei Stunden beizulegen schien unwahrscheinlich.

Resolving the dispute within the next two hours seemed unlikely.
Der Denker verbrachte endlose Stunden damit, über die Unendlichkeit nachzudenken. The thinker spent endless hours thinking about infinity.
Die Bootreise zur Stelle der Beobachtung der Wale dauerte über eine Stunde. The boat ride to the whale-watching site took over an hour.
eine Stunde später an hour later
die Stunde, Stunden the hour(s)
eine halbe stunde half an hour
volle Stunde, um..Uhr o'clock
eine halbe Stunde haf an hour
vor einer Stunde an hour ago
(Unterrichts-)Stunde period
(Unterrichts)Stunde lesson
Stunde hour; sixty minutes

The human is capable of recognition of the world with its ingredients. Frost presents us with a poem in which everything is white and bright. The picture he gives us seems to be very peaceful.
It can also be directed against a group of people who have anything in common, such as religion or being from the same nation. Being that it gives one the fake feeling of superiority and self-confidence.
We booked a tour for the next two days, one on a boat and the other on foot. In one of the agencies we met a nice couple and decided to stay in touch with them and have dinner together.
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