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Translation of hour in German

the hour      die Stunde 

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Sample sentences:
This precinct was understaffed during night hours.

Dieses Polizeirevier war während der Nachtstunden unterbesetzt.
They played for three hours before Ling checkmated Gorgov. Sie spielten drei Stunden lang bevor Ling Gorgov schachmatt setzte.
The courthouse was packed hours before the hearing. Das Gerichtsgebäude war schon Stunden vor dem Prozess brechend voll.
a two-hour delay eine 2 stündige Verspätung2
an hour later eine Stunde später
half an hour eineinhalb stunden
the hour(s) die Stunde, Stunden
half an hour eine halbe stunde
haf an hour eine halbe Stunde
an hour ago vor einer Stunde
rush-hour Hauptverkehrszeit
hour; sixty minutes Stunde

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His name was Samy and he offered to take us to several places. In the beginning we were bothered as he did not stop talking on the way from the airport to the hotel and we thought he tried to sell something.
The next two hours we were busy with moving our stuff to our new place and organizing our trip to Machu Picchu for the next day.
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