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Translation of verbleiben

verbleiben to remain    

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verbleiben; aufhalten; übrig bleiben to remain
bleiben; verbleiben; zurückbleiben remain
verbleiben; erhalten sein remain; to remain
verbleiben, beiben remain

I left the smaller regions out. Do you think they are important? There are some terms that are specifically used in Ecuador. Let's leave it as it is now. Time will show us within a few days if we need them all or not.
True, I forgot the 'I' when I have copied and pasted the entire text field. I assume it is the regular form, isn't it? However, the formal form in Spain is a little different to what we are using in Mexico.
I am back in Switzerland, and the weather makes me crazy. Shall I write you on Vocabulix or to your regular email address? I have been working 20 years as an employee for a German company.
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Conjugation of remain   [ remained, remained ]