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Sich setzen in English

sich setzen  to sit down     

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sich niederlassen; sich setzen; sich beruhigen settle
sich hinsetzen; sich setzen to sit; sit; sit down
sich setzen; Platz nehmen to take a seat
sitzen; sich setzen to sit
sich setzen to have a seat

Although it is very cold, I love the fresh air there. After an hour and after finishing the getting dressed in warm winter-clothes I am usually ready for skiing. Normally I like to go out early.
No problem with the statement you sent me! They need to fill in some forms on the main page, which they will do tomorrow. Please send me all German lessons and guidelines for inserting the expressions.
The same day that I gave my last presentation about our pilot project I flew away. The first lag was NYC's airport John F. Kennedy. I left Europe after midnight and arrived there at five o'clock, more or less.
Do you know the meaning of? rechts    mal sehen    holen    früh    einfach    bieten    aufdringlich    Zeuge    Wahrheit    Tüte