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Translation of verbreiten

verbreiten to spread    ; to circulate    ; to disseminate    

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Sample sentences:
Der Wirbelwind verbreitete den Pollen überall in der Stadt.

The whirlwind carried the pollen everywhere in the city.
Das Gerücht, dass er am höchsten geboten hatte verbreitete sich schnell. The rumor that the highest bid was his doing spread quickly.
Manche Tiere verbreiten ein stark reichendes Sekret, das aus der Analdrüse stammt. Some animals spread a strong smelling secretion originating from the anal glands.
(sich) verbreiten; (sich) ausbreiten; F ! to spread; spread, spread
etw. bestreichen; etw. verbreiten; etw. verteilen to spread sth.
verbreiten; (ver)streichen; ausbreiten, verteilen spread
verbreiten; sich verbreiten to spread, spread, spread
verbreiten,; verbreitete, spread; spread
verbreiten, verteilen to disseminate
sich verbreiten; erweitern broaden
zirkulieren; verbreiten circulate
schmieren, verbreiten to spread

He suggested that Sofia or Linda speak with his student (Jack) directly on the following number: X. Jack will be happy to share his techniques, experience and protocols with you guys. Just call him.
We had time to walk around the waterfall but refrained from entering the little lake at the bottom. My fellow tourtakers were quiet nice and we spend a while just sitting in the grass near the water.
On the way we met a nice village girl which tried to sell us some souvenirs. We told her that we would not buy from her. Her English was excellent, and we did not believe that she was twelve years old.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of verbreiten
verbreite  verbreitest  verbreitet  verbreiten  verbreitet  verbreiten  verbreitete  verbreitetest  verbreitete  verbreiteten  verbreitetet  verbreiteten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of circulate   [ circulated, circulated ]
Conjugation of disseminate   [ disseminated, disseminated ]
Conjugation of spread   [ spread, spread ]