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Translation of zäh

zäh stringy    ; tenacious    ; chewy    

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Sample sentences:
Das Känguruhfleisch in der Pastete war zäh.

The kangaroo meat in the pie was chewy.
wiederstandsfähig; zäh; hart tough
robust; hart; zäh tough; hard; >< soft
stärken, zäh machen toughen
angespannt, grob, zäh tough
schwierig; hart; zäh tough
zäh,hartnäckig tough

I.E. stands for 'in example', and the translation of it is 'por ejemplo'. Is there a difference between this term in Latin American or South American Spanish? How would you say the same sentence in Central America?
I think it's a good idea to fly to Antigua to a language school. I feel more confident with the grammar in Spanish. Perhaps it would be better if the school would arrange the accommodation.
Three years ago I was with my friends in South Korea whom I met in my English class in Washington. Then I was in America for another three years, one in Oklahoma and two in Alabama.
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